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@Home Activity: Theatre Scavenger Hunt

Updated: May 23, 2020

This week's @Home Activity is a Scavenger Hunt! See how many of these activities you can accomplish with your family this week, and post how many points you won in the comments! Take lots of pictures and share them with us!

  1. Take a group/family selfie doing jazz hands. (1 point)

  2. Take a picture with ALL of your YTCC show t-shirts. (1 point)

  3. Watch a movie musical. (5 points)

  4. Gather three items that a stage manager might find useful. Take a photo. (1 point)

  5. Find something (the internet doesn't count) that has the word "drama" or "theatre" in it. (1 point)

  6. Sing a song from a musical (2 points).

  7. Take a photo of a show poster from a show you've been in or seen. (1 point)

  8. Take a photo or video of someone in your family using an item as a different item (example: a banana as a phone - now you can't use that one.) (1 point)

  9. Take a photo of your family creating the following tableau (frozen picture) scenes (1 point per photo): A day at the beach, Shopping for groceries, riding a giant roller coaster, the final pose of a big Broadway dance number, Learning to ice-skate, saving someone from falling into a pit, a herd of elephants taking a walk, the sound of silence.

  10. Take a video of your family doing a dance to a song from a Broadway musical (5 points).

  11. Take a photo wearing a costume (1 point).

  12. Use your bodies to create a shape and take a photo of it (1 point)

  13. Create a tableau (frozen picture) with your family, using different levels (high, medium, low) take a photo. (2 points)

  14. Using only the clothes in your closet, create a costume for your favorite theatre character. (5 points)

  15. Re-create a poster from a play or movie and take a photo of it. (5 points)

  16. Compose an inspirational poem or message to your theatre family and make a video of your family reciting it. (10 points)

50 points possible. If you post your photos to social media, make sure you tag us @youth_theatre_carson_city!

Click below for a printable pdf version of this activity.

@Home Activity_ Theatre Scavenger Hunt
Download • 219KB

Adapted from Drama Teacher Academy

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