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YTCC's Award Winning Competition Team

YTCC's Showstoppers are a special group of performers, hand-picked from the most talented, most dedicated and most enthusiastic members of the YTCC program. Made up of up to 20 local singers, dancers and actors ages 8-18, the Showstoppers tour around the area bringing their love of the arts to their community.  In 2020, the Youth Theatre Carson City Showstoppers became a competitive team, competing and excelling at the Musical Theatre Competitions of America in Southern California.  Read more below.


Book the YTCC Showstoppers to perform at your event today!  The Showstoppers regularly tour the community sharing their talents at events and fundraisers all over the Northern Nevada and California regions.

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Dec 18 

Showstoppers Compete at Music Theatre Competitions of America

Showstoppers go to Competition!


This past February, Youth Theatre Carson City’s Showstoppers show choir traveled to Southern California to compete in the Musical Theatre Competitions of America 2020, a national competition with 35 teams representing 19 states and 3 countries, and brought home two major awards: 2nd place Advanced/Open Musical Revue and 3rd place Advanced/Open Ensemble Performance.

Not only did the whole group receive two prestigious awards, but two of the Youth Theatre Carson City Showstoppers, Hannah Walker and Jalina Whitney, were selected from over 700 auditioners to participate in a showcase directed and choreographed by Broadway professionals and to perform in front of a packed house of over 1200 at the conclusion of the competition.

“I couldn’t be more proud of all our amazing young performers and the hard work they have put into their performances,” commented Andie Wilkerson, Youth Theatre Carson City’s Artistic Director. “Each one of them shines up on that stage, and as a team, they are incredible.”

The Showstoppers worked tirelessly over the past several months on 2 separate performance pieces, and on individual performances that were adjudicated at the competition.

The Youth Theatre Carson City Showstoppers are a special group of performers, hand-picked from the most talented, dedicated and enthusiastic members of the Youth Theatre Carson City program. Made up of 22 local young singers, dancers and actors between the ages of 11-18, the Showstoppers tour and compete bringing their love of the arts to their community, and now to a national stage.

Musical Theatre Competitions of America was established in 2005 to provide a competitive and educational event for Musical Theatre students and directors. Over the three-day event, students participated in professional-style auditions, competed with both group and individual performance pieces, took master classes from Broadway professionals and received personalized feedback from industry professionals.

You can catch the Youth Theatre Carson City Showstoppers as they perform their award-winning performance pieces and more at Youth Theatre Carson City’s End-of-the-Season Showcase on April 21 at 7pm at the Carson City Community Center. Admission is free.

Do you want to be a Showstopper?


Youth Theatre Carson City welcomes new Showstoppers once a year, or on an as-needed basis. We are looking for singers, dancers and actors between the ages of 8-18 who are dedicated to their craft and exemplify a high standard of excellence as a representative of YTCC. 

Check back soon for information on upcoming auditions.


Erich Parker

I've been doing theatre for about four years now. Theatre has taught me a lot about myself and the person I want to be, although I still have more learning to do being in theatre has given me more life lessons then i thought it could give me like friendships and appearance , but most importantly the future. At first i thought the only thing I could do was shows but then my friends told me about showstoppers, just like most during their first year you feel out of place but my first year was better than I expected, not only did i get to participate in a national competition with the group but i got to feel how the others feel, I got to feel the love and support they give each other. 


The last couple years have been especially hard for most of us due to the pandemic but we worked hard, and we continue to work hard. This year in showstoppers I've learned that in not just performing for me but I'm performing for those who can't go back to the stage, I'm so grateful to be able to share my experience with others and show them the hard work we have done. I can't wait to see what lies ahead in the future for me and I'm especially grateful for the work my directors must put in.

Erich Parker started performing with Youth Theater Carson City in 2019. He has been featured as Donkey in Shrek the Musical and Scraggly Santa in Yes, Virginia: The Movie Musical. This is his second year as a YTCC Showstopper.