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Youth Theatre Carson City charges a small fee for all of our programs to offset the high costs of providing quality productions and educational programs.  It is our policy, however, to never turn an interested participant away for an inability to pay.  We offer scholarships, payment plans and work/study arrangements to ensure that any student who wants to participate, can.  


Payment Options

We accept payment in cash, check or credit card.

  • Cash should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the amount and the student’s name printed neatly on the outside of the envelope.

  • Checks for YTCC Productions should be made out to Carson City Recreation Department.  Checks for all other programs should be made out to Youth Theatre Carson City.

  • Credit card payments for YTCC Productions Tuition and Tickets can be made online at the Carson City Recreation Department website (link coming soon).  Simply set up a user account, search for Youth Theatre, find the name of the show, and select your payment preference.  We cannot accept credit card payments for any other education programs at this time.


Refund Policy

Tuition may only be refunded prior to the first scheduled rehearsal or class session, or in the event that Youth Theatre Carson City must cancel a production or class.

Payment Plans

Payment plans may be worked out with YTCC administration, and are generally set up on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  All payment plans must be worked out with YTCC administration no later than the first day of rehearsal.



Scholarships are awarded based on need.  All scholarship recipients will be required to dedicate a number of volunteer hours to Youth Theatre Carson City congruent with the award amount (approximately 1 hour per $10 awarded) in order to maintain their scholarship status.  More information regarding volunteer requirements will be included in award notification.  Scholarship applications must be turned in no later than the first day of class or rehearsal.



Occasionally, dedicated students may be “hired” to do office or janitorial work in exchange for tuition.  Please contact the YTCC office for any available positions.


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