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Due to COVID-19, all of our in-person programming is currently postponed.

Join us for our series of online virtual summer workshops June 16 - July 23.

YTCC Virtual Summer Workshop Series

All workshops will be held on Zoom.  You will receive a link/password upon registration.

$10 Individual Workshop; $100 All 12 Workshops (a $20 savings)

Grades 6-12

In this workshop, we will learn musical techniques with a focus on vocal health to be the best performer you can be for the stage. Materials needed: small mirror (optional).

Instructor: Briana Valley

Choir Class

Tuesday, June 16 - 5-6pm

Vocal Technique for the Stage

Theatre can be so much more than a form of entertainment and a creative outlet. Experience ways in which we as artists can use theatre to explore our world, approach tough subjects, and respond to injustice with creativity and heart.  Materials needed: paper or notecards and a writing utensil.

Instructor: Andie Wilkerson, MA

Actors on Stage

Thursday, June 18 - 5-6pm

Beyond the Stage: Theatre for Social Awareness

Learn what directors are looking for when you audition. How to pick a great audition song and tips to help with the cold readings and vocal callbacks. Come prepared with a song you might sing for an audition.

Instructor: Briana Valley

Choir Singer

Tuesday, June 23 - 5-6pm

Vocal Auditions 101

Insights and tips for headshots, the audition process, and connecting with the script/your role.

Melody Ricketts is a Los Angeles based musical theater performer, singer-songwriter/producer, photographer, and writer. She has been in over 40 stage productions since she started doing children's theater in Carson City at the age of 8, and she's lived in L.A. the past 6 years. Along with having extensive experience in navigating the arts industry, she's also made the majority of her living as a traveling Disney princess/character performer--which led to a feature in an interview with Allure Magazine that has over 5 million views on YouTube.

Female Photographer

Thursday, June 25 - 5-6pm

Master Class:  How To - Professional Auditions & Headshots

With Melody Ricketts

Learn the basics needed for hair and makeup for the stage, then pick a character and learn some fun techniques! Students will need a mirror and basic stage makeup (foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow of neutral color). 

Instructor: Briana Valley


Tuesday, June 30 - 5-6pm

Hair & Makeup for the Stage


The class will walk students through the general processes of Design for Theatre from beginning to end. The course will also cover dramaturgy and research and how these important skills relate to the design process. Students will receive a play to read prior to attending the workshop.

Jason Simms (he/him) is an award winning scenographer for Theater, Opera, and Musicals and has designed over 150 productions. Born and Raised in Carson City, NV, Simms started designing for theatre at the age of fifteen. He now resides in Ithaca, NY where he is an Assistant Professor of Design at Cornell University. He designs sets in New York City as well as at regional theaters all across the United States.

Thursday, July 2 - 5-6pm

Master Class:  Design for Theatre - Intro to Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Design

With Jason Simms

Leora Sapon-Shevin is a performer and teaching artist with a passion for social clowning and creative collaboration. In 2019 she toured her solo clown show "Safe Passage" across the country and traveled to The Bahamas with Clowns Without Borders, creating and performing a show with two other clowns in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. She holds a M.A. in Theater Education from Emerson College and is a graduate of Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater. Leora lives in Tucson, Arizona.


Tuesday, July 7 - 4-4:45pm

Master Class: Awaken your inner Clown!

With Leora Sapon-Shevin

Clown is about vulnerability and risk. It's about discovering a game and sharing our delight with others as we learn how to play it together. In this class we will explore movement and physical comedy as we learn to coax our own unique clowns out to play in a supportive environment.

2017-09-26 11.31.25.JPG

Summar Elguindy is a veteran improvisor with over 10 years experience. She is a co-owner of Sea Tea Improv based out of Hartford CT and is a theater teacher in Cambridge MA. She has written several original musicals and is passionate about teaching theater to youth.

Time to think fast and make it up as you go! In this workshop you will be learning some basics of improvisational comedy. You'll get the chance to play group improv games and short scenes as you explore the basics of being a great improvisor.

Improv Group

Thursday, July 9 - 4-4:45pm

Master Class:  Improv

With Summar Elguindy

Joe, D Paslov is a local musical and comedic theatre veteran.  He studied at the Ruskin School of Acting at Southern Oregon State University.

This class will cover exploring and developing theatrical comedy skills.  Students should come with a moderately quick wit and a willingness to learn.

Dog wearing Costume

Tuesday, July 14 - 6-7pm

Master Class:  Theatrical Comedy & Improv

With Joe, D Paslov


Whether you are inspired to be the next Lin Manuel Miranda, or are finding yourself wanting to perform more than just the roles you are cast in, this class is for you. We will discuss what it takes to create opportunities for yourself and others, how to get started writing songs immediately even if you don't play an instrument, and how writing can be the secret weapon to getting what you want.

Composer/ lyricist Jen Coogan has been involved in theatre since age seven, but recently began writing musicals in her desire to create more roles for women. Her short musical “The Morning After my Family Fell Apart” was produced by Left Coast Theatre Company in San Francisco in 2017. Jen received a grant from Theatre Bay Area to help support her full length musical “The Oregon Trail Pages”, which was first workshopped with Musical Café in Berkeley. She is also developing “The Women in Theatre Project” featuring personal interviews and stories from some of the most powerful women in theatre.. Her music has been featured in Vents Mag, Prelude Press, Idobi Music, Cliché Mag, and New Music Inferno, among others. Her songs have been shared on social media by Lin Manuel Miranda, and Broadway Producer Ken Davenport.

Thursday, July 16 - 5-6pm

Master Class:  Creating Opportunities Through Songwriting

With Jen Coogan

image0 2.jpeg

In this One Hour session, professional musical theater actor/singer Monica Ricketts will share helpful tools and advice that she has learned while pursuing acting in Los Angeles! The class will include audition tips, personal performance experiences and a Q & A segment where she will answer any questions you may have regarding what it takes to follow your dream. The class will also focus on how to handle rejection, finding your unique voice as a performer and how to never give up. She is very excited to share her journey, and help others find the inspiration to take that leap into the professional acting world.  Students should come prepared with paper, a pencil, and a list of roles they would love to play someday.

Monica Ricketts is a Los Angeles-based actor/singer, who has performed all over the globe, including Universal Studios Japan. Disney Cruise Line and the production of “Into the Woods” at The Hollywood Bowl. You can find more information about her on instagram: @monicadanae or website:

image0 2.jpeg

Tuesday, July 21 - 5-6pm

Master Class:  The Actor's Life - Tools, Experiences and Lessons That Have Helped Me Pursue My Dream

With Monica Ricketts

From the moment we first make eye contact with someone, we begin a relationship with them. Relationships are the key to having a solid network of opportunities and life experiences.  Each participant should prepare a one-minute piece about themselves. Whatever you want to say about yourself: it can be theatre-related or whatever you want. It can be read, off book, or improv, but everyone involved should be able to "pitch their own epicness".

Matt Coogan performs regularly with his cabaret duo Constant Coogan. With over thirty-five years of experience in several aspects of theatre including musical theatre, immersive theatre, industrial theatre, and fight choreography, his main specialty is in the art of building relationships. Matt is also the dramaturg and creative assistant on several new musicals in the Bay Area.


Thursday, July 23 - 5-6pm

Master Class:  Building Relationships for Success in Theatre & Life

With Matt Coogan

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