Showstoppers 2020-2021

Due to Covid-19 closures, auditions for the 2020-2021 Showstoppers competition team will be held by video submission only.  Please submit the following no later than 6pm PST on May 29, 2020.


  • Introduce yourself.  

    • Full name, age, grade, and school you attend or will attend in 2020-2021.

  • One minute song of your choice that shows your vocal and acting range.​

  • Dance Audition (videos below).

    • Learn the dance in the videos and film yourself performing the choreography with stage presence and personality.​  We want to see that you can dance and act at the same time.

    • There is a tutorial video, a slow rehearsal video, and a fast performance video.  Please use the fast performance video when performing for your audition video.

  • Harmony Audition (green button).

    • Choose either the Alto or Baritone harmony part and learn it using the tracks provided (there is one that is just piano and one that has a vocal for you to rehearse with).  Make sure you state which part you have chosen before singing on your video.

    • Film yourself singing along with the track labeled "SING WITH FOR AUDITION" so that the music can be heard in the video.

    • Note: on the track you are singing with for your audition, the singer is NOT singing your part.  We need to hear if you can hold a difficult harmony.

    • Don't forget to use stage presence and expression when singing - we want to see that you can act and sing at the same time.

  • Interview Questions:

    • Film yourself answering the following questions as if in an in-person interview:

      • What makes you the best candidate for this year's Youth Theatre Carson City Showstoppers competition team? 

      • Showstoppers is a large commitment of time and energy.  How are you prepared to fulfill that commitment?

      • The Showstoppers are the face of Youth Theatre Carson City out in the community.  How will you contribute to promoting and exemplifying Youth Theatre Carson City to our community and to the world?

  • Optional:  Show us any special talents you have (tumbling, tricks,  juggling, etc.)​

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